Please find below the procedure to update your KYC as required for making investments.

  1. Print the KYC form below
    View KYC Form (Click Here)
  2. Attach a passport-size photograph and sign across the photograph or sign below the photograph. Please fill the following details

    Section 1:

    Identity Details - needs to be completely filled
    * Mother's name has to be filled

    Section 3

    Proof of Address - needs to be completely filled
    * Ensure that the address you are going to write matches with the proof of address you will be attaching
    * If Correspondence address (section 3.2) is same as Current/Permanent address (section 3.1) you can write same as above in Correspondence address.
    * If Current/Permanent address (section 3.1) and Correspondence address (section 3.2) are different then you have to attach proof for both.(You can fill state and country code from the file attached below)

    View Code Sheet (Click Here)

    Section 4:

    Email ID and Mobile number need to be filed

    Section 5:

    FATCA/CRS Information (Only for NRE/NRO account holders)

    Section 8:

    Date, Place, Signature of Applicant
  3. For Resident Indian (RI)
    PAN copy
    Aadhaar copy
    Permanent address proof
    Correspondence address proof (Not required if same as permanent address)

    For Non Resident Indian (NRI)
    Passport copy
    Foreign address proof
    Indian address proof
    PAN copy
    Aadhaar copy

  4. Please self-attest all of the above documents and send them to

    Valueplus Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
    SKCL Central Square 2,
    AssetPlus, 5th Floor,
    B-21, Guindy Industrial Estate,
    SIDCO Industrial Estate,
    Chennai - 600032,
    Tamil Nadu

KYC will be completed within a few working days of us receiving the documents and you can begin investing.