Of late, we have seen women regularly break the stereotype that finances and investing have not been a woman's tale. The 30's women are independent and work actively towards being financially stable.

Indian metros are seeing an increasing number of independent women now managing their money, finances and investments. And being a single woman is an advantage as you can be independent with your decision making. Your ability to take risk for your investments would also be above average.

There is no limit to what we, as women, can achieve - Michelle Obama

The women of today understand the importance of investing and have a financially stable and secure future. Here are short hacks every woman, independent or married should keep in mind and how Mutual Funds can be useful

Emergency Funds - Have a contingency fund aside for unexpected events like loss of job or medical emergency. Liquid Mutual Funds are an excellent investment tool for this purpose.

Credit Card debt - Women can also focus on cutting down on the credit card transactions.  We have regularly observed women caught up in debt due to travel expenses. It is more prudent to instead start a travel fund. SIPs or Debt Mutual Funds can be used for this purpose. Similar planning should be followed for other routine purchases as well.

Retirement - Women are required to save more for their retirement. At least 10% of your income should be set for retirement right away. A higher component can be allocated to Equity Mutual Funds to benefit from long term compounding. This also provides women the option to retire early. Women who are not comfortable with higher risk can instead invest in Balanced Mutual Funds.

Women with dependents need to have a  life insurance plan as well. Apart from these key areas, sometimes women need to provide for their dependent parents or siblings.

A data shows that individual women's private wealth rose from 28% to 30% and is expected to reach 32% by 2020. It's time to shift from the mindset that of 'no I cannot' to 'Yes, I can manage my finances'.