The most common question being asked or searched by investors is "Which fund is the best fund?"

Which company is performing the best?

Which fund would be the best to give high returns?

Which is a funds give high return in short term?

With no doubt, a wrong question is being asked by the investors for all the right reasons. The reasons being you are investing the hard earned money and expect something in return. The point here to be noted is that fund selection is not the most important factor for wealth creation. The right process to go about investing is by starting to understand your goals, what you want to achieve from the investments being made. There is no profit in investing in a fund with high returns if you aren't willing to bear the huge risks involved with it. For example - in a horse race, what matters more is how smart the rider is in making his way through the obstacles(the market crash/ highs and lows) to win the race, rather than which horse is faster.

Most people don't plan to fail. They fail to plan!

One should invest in funds in alignment with their financial goals and risk appetite - and establish a discipline of continuing through the market ups and downs. It might be better to not invest than to invest in the "best" mutual fund just because it has been recommended by a website or an app.

To check the actual numbers, here is a comparison of how top large-cap funds have performed for the last few years

Performance Comparison - Large Cap Mutual Funds

It is safe to say that - There is no "best Mutual Fund"! If have finalized your financial goals and risk profile, just pick a fund with a good track record and invest. Fund selection does not matter as much as one would like to believe.

Please note that just because the funds mentioned above have provided stellar returns in the past does not mean they will continue to provide good returns in the future! No one can predict fund or market performance, not even the fund manager himself.

Being loyal to your financial goals and reviewing your investments are the most important factors determining your returns other than the markets.